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Completed: AD Frog Reticule

I decided to put my hands to reticule making this summer – I am still working on my round reticule, as the cartridge pleating takes a toll on my joints. I figure with a few reticules and other accessories it makes my one gown more versatile. It is probably a little too early in style for my 1810’s gown if we’re getting picky (AD has it in the 1790’s section of their book) but I’ll get around to a 1790’s gown someday. This is my “Small is Beautiful” Historical Sew Monthly entry.

Photo by author.

Project Information

Pattern: Frog Reticule from American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Dressmaking
Fabric: Very fine plaid cotton that I had gotten for free, I think it was someone else’s scraps. It is pretty hideous on its own as it is booger colored, but once I realized a dark teal color accented it well I liked it much more.
Notions: Ribbon and tassels from JoAnn’s. Universal thread from stash.

Photo by author.

Notes and Alterations

  • I made mine slightly bigger, because the original looks awfully small for modern needs, but I think it still wasn’t big enough. I did this by adding 1/4″ or 1/2″ (I forget!) all around the original pattern.
  • I found these tassels on clearance in the jewelry section of JoAnn’s. Since they are set on a ring, I sewed them on at the end instead of into the main seam. I couldn’t decide which color I liked better so I decided to use both!
  • It was a pretty easy project. I only messed up once – I missed one of the parts of step 1 (IMHO step 1 should have been broken down more because it encompasses at least 3 steps). I was watching a movie while I worked though, so ultimately I blame myself for missing it.
  • I wish the pictures in the book were much bigger, or if they had used black and white diagrams instead because as they are they are hard to see. When I don’t understand a step, I can usually count on a visual to help me understand. Maybe someday they’ll do a second printing that’s bigger – I know I would pay more for it.

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