2023 Sewing Plans

For 2023 I decided to mostly include projects which either build on eras I have already done or or which I already have the materials (I’ve marked these with an asterisk.) This is because I need first and foremost to prioritize finishing my thesis. Most of the projects also require very little fitting, as that takes up a lot of mental space. These are meant to be more mindless projects for evenings when I want to sew after a long day of thinking hard about my thesis.

18th Century

  1. Mitts* using the American Duchess book
  2. Cloak* using Laughing Moon #135


I’ve actually got a pair of jumps for 1790s wear, so I might start a 1790s outfit. I’ve made the American Duchess 1790s petticoat before for a museum (on the right in the photo below), so I plan to use that again for myself. I don’t yet have fabric though.

Photo by author.


One of my next big goals for my regency wardrobe is to get working on an outfit which represents something a regency-era dressmaker might have worn. I’ve based this idea on plates from the French book Costumes d’Ouvrières Parisiennes from 1824, which shows the clothes of working women. Stuff gowns, from what we can tell from Jane Austen’s letters, were for informal everyday wear. I plan to pattern the apron myself but the cap and gown I would like to make from a Black Snail Pattern.

  1. Black sateen apron
  2. Cap*
  3. Wool stuff gown*


  1. A 1920s dress* using some purple crepe I have, as a practice at sewing with crepe (pattern TBD)
  2. 1920’s Butterfly Cape* from Mrs. Depew using a hammered satin

Even this very short list is 8 projects! It would also be nice to finish my redingote that I didn’t complete last year…which puts me at 9, so I guess I am trying for the Make Nine challenge this year.

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