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Video of Fitting Black Snail 0119 Regency Dress

I’ve been working on the idea of a regency ball gown. My first regency gown was intended to be all-purpose, dressing it up or down with accessories to suit the occasion. Now, though, I’d like to make something closer to a typical white muslin ball gown, and preferably one that didn’t have such a binding fit as to prevent me from enjoying dancing. I already had Black Snail Patterns #0119 and have made the sleeveless spencer from it, so I decided to make a toile of the bodice to test the fit.

Alterations and Notes

  • I mostly cut a straight size 14.
  • Since I have a large bust, I cut the front bodice piece in the largest size. I’m glad I did, as it barely covers my stays as is.
  • I will add some width later to give it more gathers. I used tape and gathering threads to make the front adjustable during the fitting.
  • On one sleeve I rolled the cuff up twice and I like this length of sleeve better, so I will shorten the sleeves for the final version. I might need to tighten the cuff.
  • I can’t tell if I need the drawstring across the upper back bodice or not.
  • I definitely have much better mobility in my arms in this pattern than in my other regency dress.

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