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Toile: Laughing Moon #115 Regency Long Stays

My latest project is a pair of long stays. I need a pair of later stays for my thesis project, and for them to be as historically accurate in silhouette as possible. I went with the LM stays because of the company’s reputation for HA, and because I didn’t have time to mess around with altering a gridded pattern. I am making View A with the cording.

I started them on August 16th, and was able to do a fitting on August 26th (some days I did not work on them). I removed 2″ of length on the appropriate alteration line, as per the instructions. The instructions are very thorough and if you think of them like a workbook it is actually a lot of fun to go about it. So far, these are more comfortable than my S&S stays, as they allow a lot more range-of-motion in the arms.

Proposed Alterations

  • I am going to cut my straps 1″ longer, as it is easy enough to cut them back if that is too long.
  • A curved, instead of straight, busk is probably in order because of my particular body shape.
  • The center front ended up 11″ long, but I am going to add 1″ length to the bottom because it hits in the middle of my stomach, not where it begins to taper off/mid-hip. This means the busk ends at a place where it pokes in uncomfortably.
  • I am going to add some width to the hip gussets to try to correct the wrinkles across the lower back. I think with more room it will be able to fall lower, thus eliminating the wrinkles.
  • I may try to take in the upper back slightly for more of a gap (I have done this alteration in basically every regency item I’ve made).

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