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NHS/Audrain Exhibition: Making Mounts

In May, I did some volunteer work on the Newport Historical Society and Audrain Auto Museum's co-curated exhibitions "The World in Motion, Fashion and Modernity 1885-1945"/"Women Take the Wheel: Fashion, Modernity and the Automobile: 1900-1945." This was under the supervision of my professor, Rebecca Kelly, who was curating, conserving, and mounting the fashion objects. It… Continue reading NHS/Audrain Exhibition: Making Mounts

Conservation Projects

Wet Cleaning an Infant Shirt for Conservation Part 1

Dear readers, the beginning of the semester has swept me away as usual and here it is a third of the way through and I haven't written anything here since winter break. Since I have several projects from last semester that I would like to discuss here, I am going to try to take an… Continue reading Wet Cleaning an Infant Shirt for Conservation Part 1