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WIP: Edwardian Underthings

I have been working steadily on my Edwardian undergarments from Folkwear 203. Since starting it I added a bustle pad to my To Sew for Victorian Stroll list. I looked at several pattern and went with the one from Black Snail because it has size option, and uses batting instead of stuffing which I already have on hand. If you buy Black Snail’s Fantail Skirt pattern it is included, but you can get just the bustle pad for free on their blog. There are much more detailed instructions, with photos, on the blog for making the bustle pad.


Photos by author.

The most exciting update is that once I added the flounce on to the bottom of the drawers they definitely look less diaper-ish. Not quite as elegant as the illustration makes them look, but I will take it. At this point they are almost done. All that is left is to add the buttonholes and buttons and trim the bottom edge with lace. I might do beaded lace around the top of the ruffle too if I have time.


Photo by author.

The petticoat is also almost done as a few days ago I finished the drawstring closure. There is a second smaller “dust ruffle” that goes underneath the bigger ruffle. I have made it but not attached it yet. I have not yet hemmed the petticoat itself, or the large ruffle. I will be applying beaded lace around the top of the large ruffle.

Bustle Pad

Photo by author.

The bustle pad is not as far along because I was dithering about whether or not to make it from a “fun” fabric or just do it in white. I decided on white so that I can wear it with light colored gowns and skirts too. I need to dart and put together the cover. Then I need to dart the batting and finish pad-stitching the layers together. After that it gets slipped into the cover, the cover gets sewn shut, and the twill tape tie gets stitched on. It is supposed to have grommets but I am just going to tuft it with a thread tack.


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