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Black Snail 0119 WIP Update 2

Amazingly, it will have only taken me just over a month to nearly complete this project! I’m pretty slow at sewing, even by machine, so I wasn’t feeling too positive about hand-sewing this. Fortunately I’d already made my mock-up last year, but I did have to do another fitting.
What I didn’t anticipate was that hand sewing gives one more opportunities to work on a project. It is quiet and portable so I’ve sewn while hanging out in the evenings with my partner, and also when meeting up with friends.

Photo by author.

I completed the bodice earlier this week at a library program. Since then I’ve been playing with the sleeves. I was hoping to make it a double puff but there isn’t quite enough length or width in the sleeve drafting.

Photo by author.

I did leave the gathers at the cuff, instead of the box pleat, which I didn’t really care for. Most of the rest of the sewing is by machine, excepting the skirt hem, so I am hoping to finish it this weekend. Of course, then I have to return to my bodiced petticoat! So maybe I am not so eager to finish…


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