2021 Historical Sewing Plans

I haven’t posted sewing plans here before, so why not start now? I am adjusting to the idea that school leaves me very little time to sew, but I can still hope to get some done. Also there is obviously little in the way of historical costume events right now, outside of whatever my local friends concoct. I am also going to try (yet again) to follow along with the Historical Sew Monthly challenges.

18th c. Wardrobe

Pockets – They need binding and a waistband tape, but I was hoping to combine it into a bigger order from B&T so I haven’t bought the tape for this yet. This may be my March HSM “Small is Beautiful” entry.

Photo by author.

Regency Wardrobe

Redingote – I am attempting to finish up my (only semi-accurate) regency redingote/walking costume this January for the #wednesdaywintersewalong I am hosting. This will double as my January HSM “Joy” Challenge.

Photo by author.

Chemise – My old chemise is getting pilly and tearing because of the poor fabric choice. If I can afford some new linen, I may try to put together a new chemise, maybe as a demo. I also want to try some patterns other than the S&S ones, for various reasons. This easily fits the November HSM “Zero Waste” Challenge.

Photo by author.

1920’s Wardrobe

Wearing History’s 1921 Bandeau – Finish the mock-up. This definitely counts for the February HSM “Roaring 20s” Challenge.

Image from Wearing History

McCall 5623 – I’ve had a mock-up done for ages, I need to finalize fabric and make the real thing! Since I’ve already got my bra for the ’20s challenge, this one may get shoehorned into another HSM challenge.

Photo by author.

I think if I’m being realistic, even these few projects will be too many, but it is good to remind myself of projects that I have already started! What are you planning on sewing in 2021?

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