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Independent Study: 5 Regency Dresses

If you’ve been on my instagram lately, you might have seen the sneak peeks I’ve been giving of my independent study this semester. Well, here is the reveal! The Historical Society of Old Yarmouth is allowing me to study 5 late 18th century and early 19th century dresses which they recently acquired.

Here are my rough sketches and patterns from dress #5 so far, which has charming pink and green embroidered borders. I’m hoping this will lead to clues regarding the silhouette, cut, and construction which will help me more narrowly date them, but dating to anything more precise than a 5 or 10 year window may be a fool’s errand, especially without knowing provenance.

Image by author.
Image by author.
Image by author.

I’ve never had formal training in pattern drafting, but I did learn scenic drafting, and goodness knows I’ve looked at enough patterns in my life, so I’m sort of improvising as I go. Let’s be real, though, I’m no Janet Arnold!

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