Academic Research · Self-Fashioning and Jane Austen

Self-Fashioning and Jane Austen 1

Dear readers, my spring semester is a few weeks shy of being over, and I have barely been able to post because of a research project I am working on. I have been doing a content analysis of Jane Austen’s letters to explore how she navigated her identity through dress. I cannot write more here, as I hope to publish it next year in Persuasions.

In the meantime, I am planning to post quotes which I have collected from her letters, on the subjects of dress, sewing, appearance, etc. So here is the first quote, one which I tend to read as having something of a sarcastic, playful tone:

“You say nothing of the silk stockings; I flatter myself, therefore, that Charles has not purchased any, as I cannot very well afford to pay for them; all my money is spent in buying white gloves and pink Persian.” – Jane Austen (age 21), January 9-10, 1796, Steventon

Austen, Jane.  Jane Austen’s Letters.  Edited by Deirdre le Faye.  4th ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011.

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