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The Regency Redingote Project

*Please note that the original title of this project was “The Regency Spencer Project”, and that post titles have been updated with the name “The Regency Redingote Project” to reflect the evolution of the project*

At the beginning of this semester, I joined a faculty/staff group that meets weekly with the aim of encouraging us to make a creative goal for the semester and meet it. Everyone else in the group is writing, which makes sense since almost everyone is publishing articles and research as part of their work. I rarely get to write for work at the moment – aside from lengthy to-do lists – but I do sew! Therefore I decided to use this opportunity to prompt myself to continue creating my regency capsule wardrobe. While I use it as personal dress for events, I also have used it as an educational tool and hope to do more teaching with it in the future.

My original goal was to finish my entire basic wardrobe: spencer, reticule, chemisette and bonnet. However, once I got things underway it became clear that the spencer would take me all semester. As part of my New Year’s resolutions I have been trying to use patterns and fabrics/trims/thread/etc. that I already have, so while I was really tempted to buy the Laughing Moon spencer pattern with all the fancy trim, I resigned myself to the simpler Sense & Sensibility pattern in a wool houndstooth, both from my stash. Over the next few months I will post about my research into historical accuracy and my inspiration, decisions about incorporating period hand stitching and tailoring techniques and hopefully the finished spencer itself.

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