An Introduction

Welcome to my new blog, “The Sartorial Sleuth”. I am Alyssa, perhaps you know my other blog, “What Would Nancy Drew Wear?” My aim with creating “The Dress Detective” blog is to provide a separate, more academically minded outlet for my historical sewing projects and research than can be found on WWNDW?

Jane Austen Birthday Tea with JASNA Capital Region

After a career in theatrical costume design for nearly a decade, and then lecturing on costume design, history and construction at college level, I have arrived at the newest chapter of my life: graduate studies! In the fall I will begin pursuing an M.S. in TMD at the University of Rhode Island, concentrating in Historical Fashion and Textiles, Textile Conservation and Cultural Analysis. The time periods which are of particular interest to me are the late 1700s (Georgian), early 1800s (Empire/Regency), early 1900s (Edwardian), and 1920s (which toes the line between vintage and historic).

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